Can Seniors Qualify for No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

 Seniors and those with some medical problems are harder to insure. Not all companies are willing to gamble and offer life insurance. For them, it is no longer an investment, but a gamble with high risks of losing.

picture-of-one-happy-senior-couple-202x300When the odds are against them, no insurer will provide financial support.  Luckily there was a recent change in mentality and some entrepreneurs realized the benefits of ensuring seniors.  For them, special policies were created. Seniors can now qualify easier for no medical exam life insurance. But first, you must know some things about this policy.

Although it was created to provide coverage for seniors and sick people, not everyone can qualify for it.  There is an age limit and some specific conditions.  For example, you cannot qualify for these policies if you have more than 90 years old. The risk of immediate death is too high for any company to ensure you.

It is true that no exam life insurance can provide coverage for sick individuals, but not for all diseases. For example, if you are a cancer sufferer, you will be rejected, no matter the type of cancer. The main problem is that cancer can enter metastasis and spread to other organs, thus making the disease more complicated and harder to treat.

Smokers are allowed as clients, but they will pay significantly higher premiums, since smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and you have less than 12 months to live, we are afraid that you are not eligible to qualify for any type of no exam life insurance.

This is also the case for those suffering of HIV/AIDS. We currently do not have effective treatments that will cure HIV and any other disease can prove fatal for those individuals with a weak immune system. These are the main exceptions for seniors. If you do not have the diseases mentioned before and you do not have more than 90 years old, you should check a company that sells no exam life insurance policies.

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